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Welcome To Freedom

Apr 19th, 2011 | By | Category: Lead Article

Welcome to Freedom Elementary!  Freedom staff, along with collaborative efforts from learners, parents and the community strive to provide a safe learning environment in which each learner can maximize his/her learning potential.

Learner’s individual needs can be met through a variety of pathways at Freedom Elementary.  Each studio facilitator strives to meet the diverse needs of learners through flexible math groups, guided reading groups and various technology applications.  Starting at the second grade, Freedom Elementary offers the option for learners to be part of a traditional learning pathway (TLP) or the personalized learning pathway, otherwise known as EPIC.  EPIC stands for empowering, personalizing, innovating and creating.

The traditional pathway offers traditional grouping of learners that move through grade levels each year.   The learning content is organized and delivered in a scope and sequence structure aligned with grade level standards.  EPIC learners are self-paced.   The individual learner progresses at their optimum rate of learning until all learning outcomes are achieved.  The EPIC pathway is competency based with the focus being mastering the standards prior to moving on.

Both academic pathways are complemented with scheduled “specials” classes taught by facilitators in the areas of guidance, library/makerspace, art, music and physical education.  Support staff include the following:  Title I Support, reading specialist, math specialist, technology integrationist, behavior specialist, school psychologist, speech/language therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, nursing services, English Limited Language Services, and special education.  Learners who qualify for an accelerated curriculum may choose Tiger Trek (enrichment) or Tiger Reserve (housed at Liberty).

We look forward to and welcome visitors to our school!

Dr. Pederson