Terra Vennard

February 20th - 24th is School Board Recognition Week in South Dakota. The Harrisburg School District celebrates the collaboration among the board, school leadership, teachers, and parents on behalf of students. “Recognizing the efforts of our volunteer school board is so important because of all the hard work they put into making our District a success,” Superintendent Tim Graf said. 

“During School Board Recognition Week, we encourage public school districts to celebrate their elected leaders for their service to the students, staff and community,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said.

The school board was presented with certificates recognizing their dedication and commitment to the students of the Harrisburg School District at the February 13th school board meeting. Over the years, the board has earned multiple awards recognizing their collective efforts to enhance their knowledge of school board work.

South Dakota school boards are critical to the success of students and the future of our State. Boards lead their districts in the right direction, providing oversight, setting goals, overseeing the budget, and selecting and evaluating the superintendent. Our school board volunteers serve for the betterment of their local schools and communities.

Terra Vennard

One of her two children is just old enough “to take advantage of the great services we have in Harrisburg.” Vennard grew up in Mitchell, knowing “the value of raising children in real neighborhoods where neighbors help neighbors and children can ride their bikes down the street.  I knew that was something I wanted for my family and Harrisburg has certainly delivered on that.”

When asked about the most rewarding part of volunteering her time as a school board member, Terra says “there is no better way to pour into your community than focusing on the education of our children. The school district is the overwhelming reason why people choose to live in Harrisburg and I'm proud to help contribute in any way I can to the growth and success of the school district for my family and for others.    It's easy to see the impact we have in Harrisburg with our rate of change. Frequently there seems to be a new award, grant, partnership, program, or even a new school. It's incredibly rewarding to have even a sliver of impact with those successes.” Terra wants the community to know “the Harrisburg District is the perfect balance of opportunity and community. You won't find a better mix anywhere in this state.”