nominees announced

Within the Harrisburg School District, the exceptional dedication and service of our support staff play a pivotal role in enriching our educational environment. These individuals are the unsung heroes who ensure the smooth operation of our schools and the well-being of our students. This year, we are honored to highlight the nominees for the Support Services Employee of the Year, a category that celebrates those who have made significant contributions beyond the classroom.

support services

Celebrating Our Support Services Nominees:

  • Adventure Elementary

    • Jill Brown, Kitchen Supervisor - Honored for her efforts in overseeing the preparation of nutritious meals that fuel the minds and bodies of our students.

  • Freedom Elementary

    • Janet Hanson, Kindergarten Aide - Celebrated for her nurturing support to our youngest learners, helping them adjust and thrive in their first steps into education.

  • Endeavor Elementary

    • Jen Sevold, Librarian - Applauded for fostering a love of reading among students and creating an inviting library space that supports learning and discovery.

  • Explorer Elementary

    • Karla Ostrander, Special Education Aide - Recognized for her compassionate support and commitment to the success of students with diverse learning needs.

  • South Middle School

    • Logan Erickson, Tutor - Celebrated for providing targeted academic support and encouragement, helping students achieve their full potential.

  • High School

    • David Chapin, Maintenance - Recognized for generosity and commitment to maintaining a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students and staff at HHS.

  • District Office

    • Jean Hudson, Student Registrar/District Office Administrative Assistant - Acknowledged for her dual role in meticulously managing student registrations and providing invaluable administrative support, ensuring the district office runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Transportation

    • Roger Timmerman, Bus Driver - Roger stands out for his commitment to safely transporting students to and from school, contributing to students’ overall positive school experience each day.

These nominees have not only met but exceeded the criteria of achievements and impact, fostering excellence, and being an integral component of every student's educational journey. Their dedication encourages colleagues, parents, and students to strive for their best, making a lasting difference in our community.

Join us in congratulating these exceptional individuals for their outstanding service and for being pillars of support in our district. The winner will be announced at the upcoming ceremony, where we will come together to honor their contributions and dedication to excellence in the Harrisburg School District. We are #TigerPoud! 🐾