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In the Harrisburg School District, our Special Services category is dedicated to acknowledging the extraordinary individuals who offer vital support to both students and staff, extending beyond traditional classroom roles. These nominees are integral in crafting an inclusive, supportive, and effective learning atmosphere for all students, particularly emphasizing support for those who require additional assistance to excel. This year, we are thrilled to showcase the nominees for the Special Services Employee of the Year, each of whom has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to enhancing student success and well-being.

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Celebrating Our Nominees:

  • Adventure Elementary

    • Jocelyn Rieger, Interventionist/Instructional Coach - Jocelyn is applauded for her dual role in addressing students' learning needs directly and empowering teachers with professional development opportunities, particularly in integrating instructional strategies within the elementary context.

  • Explorer Elementary

    • Ashley Keupp, Technology Integrationist - Ashley is celebrated for her innovative strategies in weaving technology into the curriculum, significantly enhancing learning outcomes and fostering digital literacy among students and staff at the elementary level.

  • Journey Elementary

    • Janel Prahm, School Counselor - Janel creates a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for elementary students, promoting growth and resilience in their formative years.

  • Liberty Elementary

    • Nicole Drexler, Technology Integrationist - Nicole excels in seamlessly incorporating technology support services within the elementary school setting, enabling all students to access the resources they need to thrive in today's digital world.

  • East Middle School

    • Allison Weideman, School Counselor - Allison is lauded for her steadfast support and guidance, helping middle school students navigate their academic and personal challenges with grace and empathy.

  • North Middle School

    • Krista Groeneweg, School Counselor - Krista's effective counseling programs are instrumental in fostering a positive school climate and promoting student success during the pivotal middle school years.

  • South Middle School

    • Amy Williams, Sign Language Interpreter - Amy plays an essential role in dismantling communication barriers, ensuring that deaf and hard-of-hearing students are fully engaged and included in their middle school educational journey.

  • High School

    • Dana Bigge, School Counselor - Dana is recognized for her comprehensive support system for students, particularly focusing on guiding them toward academic success and ensuring a clear path to graduation.

  • District

    • Kyle Knips, District Technology Integrationist - Kyle significantly impacts the entire district, coordinating the integration of technology services and resources to ensure a unified support system across all schools.

These nominees exemplify the core values of our district, showing a profound commitment to fostering excellence and inspiring every student and colleague to reach their full potential. Their approach and compassion have left a significant mark on our students and staff, truly embodying the spirit of the values of the Harrisburg School District.

Join us in celebrating these remarkable individuals for their contributions to the Harrisburg School District. The winner of the Special Services Employee of the Year award will be recognized in the near future, where we will honor their dedication and achievements in making a meaningful difference in the educational journey of every student. We are #TigerProud! 🐾